Where is the world headed? What shape will the new global order take? What role will cities and its inhabitants play in a changing world? These questions have become increasingly pressing.

“World in Focus” is an event specially designed to encompass meetings, dialogues and panel sessions which will tackle questions about Poland, Europe and the world. Questions we want to ask, but which offer no obvious answers. This is a two-day journey through fascinating and important international problems of our times – a journey taken together with prominent intellectuals, outstanding experts, practitioners and a diverse cast of participants from around the world. Discussions, film screenings and workshops devoted to developments in Poland’s and Europe’s neighbourhood will allow us to sharpen our focus and take a different perspective on contemporary challenges.

In this year’s edition we will take a closer look on the future of cities. Technological progress and robust labour markets make cities a welcoming place for more and more people. As a result,  put into focus the challenges the world and our civilisation faces today. While we tend to think about states when talking about international relations, cities are to a no lesser degree interconnected, as they exchange ideas and seek to find  answers to global challenges, such as climate change and migration. Well governed, they can take advantage of citizens’ engagement and new technologies, such as modern infrastructure, which make them friendlier to both their inhabitants and the environment.

During “World in Focus 2017” we will also talk, just as we did last year, about the most important and interesting current issues in politics, international security, integration and culture.

“World in Focus” is a meeting open to everyone who shares our fascination with the world and a concern for its future. We invite you to join us on October 13th and 14th in the Centre of Creativity Targowa and the Praga Museum in Warsaw.

Themes in Focus

2017 themes will be published here soon.

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