Knowledge Zone

World in Focus 2020. Europe in the world after the US election

Speakers: Jeremy Shapiro (research director of the ECFR), Rachel Rizzo (director of Programs at the Truman Center and the Truman National Security Project), Michał Baranowski (director of GMF’s Warsaw office)

Moderator: Adam Reichardt (editor-in-Chief of New Eastern Europe)

World in Focus 2020. Not all quiet on the Eastern front: China-Russia rapprochement and its consequences for Europe

Speakers: Reinhard Bütikofer (a Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA), Alexander Gabuev (Senior fellow and the chair of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center)

Moderator: Janka Oertel (director of the Asia Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations)

World in Focus 2020. Making Europe great again: Green New Deal and the future of European economy

Speakers: Franziska Brantner (member of the German Bundestag for Alliance 90/ The Greens), Shahin Vallée (Senior fellow of the DGAP), Maciej Witucki (President of the Leviathan Confederation)

Moderator: Eva van de Rakt (Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s European Union Office in Brussels)

World in Focus 2020. Borders of Europe: How to reconcile values with the need for control

Speakers: Gerald Knaus (founding chairman of the European Stability Initiative’s (ESI), Kristian Brakel (Head of Office Heinrich Böll Foundation Turkey)

Moderator: Kaja Puto (journalist and editor)

World in Focus 2020. European culture of protest: does fighting for better tomorrow unite across borders

Speakers: Elżbieta Korolczuk (Sociologist, cultural scientist and activist for human rights), Alberto Alemanno (Professor of European Union Law & Policy at HECParis), Jacek Kołtan (Director’s plenipotentiary for research at the European Solidarity Centre)

Moderator: Joanna Maria Stolarek (Head of HBS Warsaw Office)

World in Focus 2020. A reality check for the geopolitical European Union

Speakers: Gérard Araud (French diplomat), Patrycja Sasnal (head of research at the Polish Institute of International Affairs), Jana Puglierin (Head of the Berlin Office and a Senior Policy Fellow for the European Council on Foreign Relations)

Moderator: Piotr Buras (Head of ECFR Warsaw Office)