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World in Focus 2018, Opening session: Who holds the power now?

Prelegents: Mark Galeotti, Sylvie Kauffmann, Flavia Kleiner, prof. Jan Zielonka

Organizers: European Council on Foreign Relations, Heinrich Böll Foundation in Warsaw


Debate: Good Climate – from activism to politics. Why is the climate political?

Prelegents: Edwin Bendyk, Cécile Duflot, Radosław Gawlik, Monika Sadkowska

Organizer: Heinrich Böll Foundation


Defending Freedom – book presentation by Ralf Fücks

Prelegents: Ralf Fücks, Michał Sutowski, Karolina Wigura

Organizer: Heinrich Böll Foundation


Photos from the II edition of the World in Focus conference

13-14.10.2017 | Creativity Center, Warsaw

Photos: Marta Bogdańska

Photos available on Flickr.


U.S. Elections 2016: implications for Europe

Video recording from the 4th of June.

Prelegents: Judy Dempsey, Chris Steineger, Bartosz Węglarczyk, Marcin Zaborowski

Partner: Center for Policy Analysis (CEPA)


Is there any future for the West? Europe and the USA in times of uncertainty

Video recording from the 3rd of June 2016.

Prelegents: Piotr Buras, Judy Dempsey, Ralf Fücks, Mark Leonard


Photos from the debate | Is there any future for the West? Europe and the USA in times of uncertainty

Debate | 03.06.2016 | POLIN

Prelegents: Piotr Buras, Judy Dempsey, Ralf Fücks, Mark

Photos: Agnieszka Kokowska

Photos available on Flickr.



Photos from the debate | Nuclear deterrence and disarmament: Complementing or Irreconcilable?

Debata/debate | 03.06.2016 | POLIN

Prelegents: Jacek Durkalec, Sascha Hach, Katarzyna Kubiak
Moderation: Ulrich Kühn, PhD

Photos: Agnieszka Kokowska

Photos available on Flickr.


Photos of the debate | Future conflicts: trade, finance and migration as weapons of the 21st century

Debate | 03.06.2016 | POLIN

Prelegents:  Edwin Bendyk, Mark Leonard, Agnieszka-Lichnerowicz, Prof. Witold Orłowski Ph.D.

Photos: Agnieszka Kokowska

Photos available on Flickr.


Photos from the debate | U.S. Elections 2016: implications for Europe

Debate | 04.06.2016 | POLIN

Prelegents: Judy Dempsey, Chris Steineger, Bartosz Węglarczyk, Marcin Zaborowski

Photos: Agnieszka Kokowska

Photos available on Flickr.


Photos from the presentation | Tribune or strangler? The meaning of new technologies in the public debate

Presentation | 04.06.2016 | POLIN

Prelegent: Tomasz Sulewski

Photos: Agnieszka Kokowska

Photos available on Flickr.


Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Complementing or Irreconcilable?

Recording of the debate from the 4th of June 2016.

Session language: English

Prelegents: Jacek Durkalec, Sascha Hach, Katarzyna Kubiak
Moderation: Ulrich Kühn, PhD



Project on “Social inclusion, diversity and citizenship – joint conference (inclusive society) and research workshop” is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norway greants and co-financed by Polish funds.

speakers: Prof. Jan Zielonka, Marta Sałkowska Ph.D., Prof. Unnur Dis Skaptadottir, Anna M. Kittelsaa Ph.D., Prof. Jan Tossebro, Prof. Jadwiga Koralewicz, Monika Nowicka, Prof. Aleksander Manterys

INCLUSIVE_SOCIETY_video przez Collegium_Civitas


Answering difficult questions about nuclear weapons

The short paper sheds light on the controversial role of nuclear weapons in the 21. century.

authors Rebecca Sharkey, ICAN UK and Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm, ICAN Germany

Full article available on dropbox.


Asian chessboard and its two key local players

Commentary on the evolution of Chinese-Japanese bilateral relations in times of rapidly changing globalised world.

This commentary was a part of a contest for best analyses organised specifically for the “World in Focus” conferene.

author: Piotr Głogowski

Commentary in Polish is available on the website of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats.


Transatlantic relations and US presidential elections

Comment of American expert on the coming presidential elections in the United States and perspectives for transatlantic partnership.

author: Julianne Smith


Migrational superpowers. What are the geopolitical consequences of the “mobile world”?

Article devoted to the new era of migrations, where people migration become a powerful tool of pressure, which is being ever more  frequently used in  geopolitics.

author: Mark Leonard

The article is available in Polish here.


On Refugees

The author analyzes the issue of the refugee crisis and Europe’s response to the new situation.

publisher Humanity in Action

author Konstanty Gebert,

Full article available on the Humanity in Action website.


The Diplomats’ Handbook for Democracy Development Support

Kurt Bassuener discusses the guide for diplomats, which is aiming at assisting in implementing democratic ideas in the work of diplomats.

organizer Fundacja Humanity in Action Polska,

guest Kurt Bassuener


Perspectives on Humanitarian Interventions

organizer Fundacja Humanity in Action Polska

guests Hans Binnendijk, Anders Jerichow, Janusz Reiter, Lamija Tanovic

The speakers reflect on the current and future state of humanitarian aid on the example of the past conflicts in the Balkans and the current situation in Syria.


Dealing with Authoritarian Regimes: Challenges for a Value-based Foreign Policy

The article deals with the questions of foreign policy within different regimes, from authoritarian to democratic, and poses the question how foreign policy should be shaped today.

publisher Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin Office

author Ralf Fücks

Report  can be downloaded on the website of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, free of charge.


The Rulers and the Ruled in Today’s Russia

Report on Russia’s domestic politics and relations between Russian society and its government.

publisher Institute of Public Affairs/ Heinrich Böll Foundation Warsaw Office

author Grzegorz Gromadzki

Report  can be downloaded on the website of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, free of charge.


Economy of Good and Evil

The open lecture given by Tomáš Sedláček during the Big Book Festival 2014 challenged the value of economics within our society and how it, in the end, is strongly linked to history, myth, religion, and ethics.

organizer Heinrich Böll Foundation Warsaw Office

guest Tomáš Sedláček



Who will succeed Vladimir Putin?

Is it too early to start speculating about the next Russian leader after Vladimir Putin? After nearly 16 years in power there have been some recent rumours which indicate that a search for Putin’s successor is currently taking place.

publisher: New Eastern Europe, Issue 3-4 2016: One for all, all for one?

author: Marcel H. Van Herpen

Full article available on dropbox.


Ensuring Deterrence against Russia: The View from NATO’s Front-Line States

The report examines perceptions of Russia by (non)governmental experts from six neighbouring countries regarding how NATO should respond to Kremplin’s actions, with an emphasis on how nuclear issues should be addressed.

publisher Heinrich Böll Foundation Washington Office
author Miles Pomper

Report and review on the closed experts’ debate can be found, free of charge, on the website of Heinrich Böll Foundation.


2 weeks ago

Świat pod Lupą

Fundacja im. Heinricha Bölla w Warszawie poszukuje Koordynatora/Koordynatorki do programu Energia & Klimat. Ogłoszenie tutaj:

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Warszawa
For English, scroll down

Pilnie poszukujemy Koordynatora lub Koordynatorki w programie "Energia & Klimat” w naszym biurze w Warszawie!

Jeżeli masz wiedzę i doświadczenie w tematyce polskiej polityki klimatycznej i energetycznej oraz zielonej polityki w zakresie ochrony klimatu i strategii energetycznych, a ponadto posługujesz się językiem polskim, angielskim oraz niemieckim, serdecznie zapraszamy! Oferujemy pracę w zgranym zespole, wśród ludzi którym bliskie są wspólne wartości: zrównoważony rozwój, społeczeństwo obywatelskie czy sprawiedliwość społeczna. Gwarantujemy przyjazne środowisko sprzyjające rozwojowi oraz satysfakcję z wykonywanej pracy.
Po więcej szczegółów, zapraszamy na stronę:

We are urgently looking for a Coordinator in the “Energy & Climate” program at our office in Warsaw!
If you have knowledge and experience in the subject of Polish climate and energy policy as well as green policy in the field of climate protection and energy strategies, and also speak Polish, English and German, we happily invite you! We offer work in a well-established team, among people who share common values: sustainable development, civic society and social justice. We guarantee a friendly environment conducive to development and satisfying work. For more details, please visit:

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