World in Focus has always been a face-to-face encounter, designed in a way that allowed our guests direct conversations with intellectuals, experts and practitioners. This year, however, we decided to move all the debates online in order to protect the health of our audiences. Nevertheless, we hope that even in these difficult times we will be able to achieve our goal of making sure everyone interested in Poland, Europe and the world can fully join the discussion


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ECFR Warsaw Office
Sapieżyńska 10a, 00-215 Warszawa
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Europejska Rada Spraw Zagranicznych

is an independent, pan-European think-tank, analysing the most important international issues from the perspective of the European Union and advising many governments and institutions in Europe. Our mission is to support common EU policies in the international arena. We organise conferences, prepare reports and broker contacts between politicians, diplomats and experts, who develop a network across Europe. In the Council of the ECFR many eminent personages of the European political and economical life, such as
Carl Bildt, Emma Bonino, Danuta Hübner or Javier Solana.

The research work of the ECFR is being carried out within four programs and a web of national offices in seven European capitals. The domestic problems of the EU are tackled by the European Power program. Situation in countries of eastern EU neighbourhood and the Balkans are being analysed within Wider Europe program. The team of the Middle East and Northern Africa researches the course of events in the region, which, today, is the biggest source of migration and terrorism. Our experts on Asia and China deliver data from the furthest corners of Earth’s biggest continent, which focuses the attention of the world for some time now.

Offices of the ECFR in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Sofia and Warsaw provide access to domestic representatives of the political class, diplomats, experts and journalists, and thus allowing other partners to understand each other’s interests and perspective better. They also serve as distributors of think-tank’s publications and analyses.

ECFR not only analyses the international situations, but also presents its own recommendations for European institutions and the member states.

ECFR Warsaw website

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Żurawia 45, 00-680 Warszawa
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Heinrich Böll Foundation

is a German Green political foundation that works through 32 offices in over 60 countries in the spheres of human rights, education, cross-cultural dialogue, and ecology. Our patron, the writer and Nobel Prize laureate Heinrich Böll, personified the ideas we stand for: the defence of freedom, civic courage, tolerance, and open debate.

Since 2002 the Warsaw Office has been implementing its mission and supporting civil society by means of strategic partnerships with NGOs, academia, think tanks, and state administration. Central tenets of our projects include common European values, gender democracy and sustainability.

The International Policy programme creates a space needed for the discussion of the future and direction of the development of a common European foreign and security policy. We aim to support the debate about the future of the EU and its role in the global arena, with a particular emphasis on a constructive transatlantic dialogue. We place special importance on a strong Eastern Partnership and peaceful relations with our European neighbours.

Within the Democracy & Human Rights programme we back social changes promoting equal rights and opportunities for all regardless of one’s background, gender, sexual orientation or religion. We emphasise the effective functioning of public institutions, the strengthening of democratic accountability, and civic participation.

Our Energy & Climate programme aims to intensify discourse about the challenges presented by energy transformation and climate change. We focus on long-term green modernisation and energy concepts that guarantee socio-economic development, a clean and healthy environment, security, as well as consumer protection.

The activities of The Heinrich Böll Foundation can be followed online on Facebook, Twitter, and Issuu, while video and audio recordings are available on YouTube and Mixcloud.

Foundation’s website